Heal Yourself and the World with Tai-chi - book
Heal Yourself and the World with Tai-chi - book
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This book provides detailed training in the internal principles of movement and the dynamics of energy flow in forms, Qigong, Push Hands and sparring. It describes how Tai-chi was developed by observing the natural movements of animals and then describes those dynamics intricately. It is like pulling back a curtain to reveal the inner mechanisms of Tai-chi practice on all levels. You will enjoy Mr. Klein's book whether you are a beginner or advanced.

Even more importantly, it describes how each principle and technique has been designed to create a specific healing effect on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual. This allows you to become more effective in your everyday life. Mr. Klein describes extensively how Tai-chi practice changes your way of interacting with other people to live a more peaceful, clear and powerful life.

The book is essential for Tai-chi teachers because it presents many new ways of describing energy dynamics, physical mechanics and the dynamics of attention itself, so teachers will be able to explain the training more clearly to their students. It shows the connection between Taoist philosophy and that of other cultures around the world, to place Tai-chi training in a wider context.

Bob Klein has been teaching Tai-chi for over 45 years after studying for many years with Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. He is the author of three books on Tai-chi and has produced over 70 instructional DVDs. Mr. Klein was a zoologist for over 20 years, working with hundreds of species of animals and that has also influenced his approach to Tai-chi. He has a degree in zoology (specifically animal behavior) from Cornell University. Bob freely describes his many adventures and travels as a zoologist and how this influenced his approach. This is his legacy book. 451 pages