ONLINE QIGONG CLASSES with Master Bob Klein. (6 months - save $60). One (1 hour) class per week.

Qigong Online classes (6 months)
Qigong Online classes (6 months)
Item# Q-6months

Product Description

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of simple health exercises to strengthen the immune system, strengthen joints and increase their range of motion, improve breathing, reduce aches and pains and sharpen your attention. Each set of movements is based on the graceful way animals move and stretch.

These exercises can be done from a standing or seated position. There are separate classes for standing and seated Qigong. Contact us for specific days and times.

Since this is an online Zoom class, you can join from anywhere in the world from your computer or cell phone. Class times are designed for the convenience of people living in different time zones.

INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH! The exercises are fun. Become part of an ancient tradition of staying healthy and fit throughout life.